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Capt. P. Sarin

Designation: Director, Academics (Nautical Science)
Association with ARI: More than 26 years

Educational Qualification:
Extra Masters, 2003, Govt. of India, Mumbai.
Master (F.G) Indian, 1992, Mumbai.
Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Law , 2000 from Indian Institute of International Law.
Diploma in Transport Economics & Management , 1997. Diploma in Multimodal Transport , Containerization & Logistic Management, 1997
Presently pursuing his LLB from Delhi University.

Work Experience:
Director (Academics) is working with ARI since 1997 i.e over 26 years .He has done his Pre sea training from the T.S Rajendra 1982-83 batch. He is an approved External Examiner by Govt of India to conduct Orals examinations for Mates and Masters since 2005 .He is the Hony Chairman of the CMMI Delhi Chapter and member of various nautical associations such as Nautical Institute , Indian Met Dept , DRACEA , Chartered Institute of Transport UK etc .

Capt. P. K. Mittal

Designation: Director, Modular and Business Development
Association with ARI: More than 23 years

Educational Qualification:
B.Sc., 1979, Master (F.G.), 1992, Mumbai

Work Experience:
Capt. Mittal is 1980-81 T. S. Rajendra pass out and has a sailing experience of approx. 20 years. He has been with ARI since 2001 and has a vast experience in the field of training and education for the last 23 years. He has worked in various capacities in the organization such as Quality manager, COO of Pre Sea Campus, COO post sea campus. He had written a book on Cargo work for DNS course conducted by IGNOU. He is also Secretary of Nautical Institute (N&E) India Branch. At present he is looking after all the modular course and is liaising with companies for designing and development of various courses as per their needs. He has been taking classes in competency courses at all levels and modular courses. He is an approved external examiner for MMD and approved evaluator for IGNOU.

Capt. Saujanya Sinha

Designation: Director, Academic Research
Association with ARI: More than 17 years

Educational Qualification:
M.Sc In Maritime Administration with specialization in Marine Environment Protection

Work Experience: A Master Mariner, also holds a M.Sc. degree in Maritime Administration with specialization in Marine Environment Protection from World Maritime University (WMU); Sweden. He was the first student, in WMU history, to work as Research Consultant for two environmental consultancy projects in Persian Gulf undertaken by WMU, which included marine environmental damage assessment as result of oil pollution, as well as development of regional contingency plan for oil pollution involving eight countries of Persian Gulf. He has been a Commonwealth Consultant as Marine Affairs Advisor to the Government of Jamaica where he led a team for the development of Jamaica’s national policy on ocean and coastal zone management that was passed by the Parliament of Jamaica. Capt. Saujanya Sinha has regularly undertaken environmental consultancy projects over the years spanning a wide spectrum. One of the prominent projects of note is the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) funded project on the expansion of Colombo Port in Sri Lanka where his expertise was utilised to look into the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) within the legality of environmental law of Sri Lanka.

His key specialisations include Ocean and Coastal Zone Policy at national level, Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Marine Environmental Contingency Planning, Marine Environment Damage Assessment, Maritime Training and Education. Capt. Sinha has published 12 papers in journals in India and abroad on topics ranging from maritime safety and marine environment protection to India’s foreign policy issues with regard to the maritime domain. He has also presented papers at various conferences in India and abroad.

He has been with ARI since 2006 and is presently Director, Academic research and Knowledge Management System and is actively involved in teaching law and international Conventions.

He is a Member of the Nautical Institute and has been the first recipient of Sailor today award for “Exemplary Personal Achievement” by Indian seafarer in 2002.

Capt. Vishnu B. Sharma

Designation: Director, SHAPE and Senior Advisor, Presea Training
Association with ARI: More than 16 years

Educational Qualification:
Basic qualifications: Passed 10th standard from C.B.S.E. in 1978 and 10+2 in 1980 in First Division. Completed B. Sc from Kurukshetra University in 1985 in First Division.

Professional qualifications: Obtained Master (Foreign-Going) awarded by Director General of Shipping, Government of India in 1993. Passed all the written parts of Extra Master Examination conducted by Govt. of India. Completed and submitted dissertation on “Model Rules for Inland Vessels”.

Work Experience:
Sailed till 1997 on Indian and Foreign ships in various ranks including tenure as Master from October 1993 to June 1997. During his career at sea, served on General Cargo ships, Oil Tankers and Chemical Tankers. Joined ARI in July 1997 as Faculty. From April 1998 to September 2002 worked as Head of Department (Nautical). Joined Aquatech Institute of Maritime Studies, New Delhi as Head of Institute and was associated with the setting up and launching of the Institute. Rejoined ARI on 1st July 2004 and from 15th July 2005 took over as Chief of Operations (Pre-sea campus). Have taught Navigation, Naval Architecture to nautical students from Entry Level to Master (foreign-going). Responsible for complete planning and setting up of ARI’s new post sea training centre at Panchkula.

Capt.Rajeev Avasthy

Designation: Capt. Superintendent
Association with ARI: More than 20 years

Work Experience:
Capt. Rajeev Avasthy is currently the Captain Superintendent of Capt. S.S.S. Rewari School of Maritime Studies. He is a Graduate with more than 20 years of experience on different types of ships such as TANKERS, BULK CARIERS, REEFERS, OBO’S. His association with ARI started in 2003 and he has more than 20 years of teaching experience.

Capt. Rajesh Sood

Designation: Principal / Centre Head at SHAPE Panchkula

Educational Qualification:
Master (F.G.), 1986 from Mumbai

Work Experience:
Capt. Rajesh Sood is 1977-78 T. S. Rajendra pass out and has a sailing experience of approx. 45 years. Having obtained Master’s Licence in 1986 got his Command on Bulk Carriers in 1991. Thereafter he switched to Oil Tankers in 1996 and has experience of more than 25 years as Master on different types of Oil / Product and Chemical Tankers and with experience in Offshore as Master on FSO’s. He is associated with SHAPE since its inception in 2010 when it set up its footprints in Panchkula.

Capt. Vinod Thakral

Designation: Associate Director, Modular

Association with ARI: 21 Years

Educational Qualification:
B.Sc (I) from Hans Raj College, Delhi.
Master (FG), Lead Auditor Course for Integrated Management System (QMS, EMS and OHSAS) from ABS.

Work Experience:
Sailed as master on Oil and Chemical Tankers, Teaching / Maritime Training Experience: 21 Years

C/E. Arun Gulati

Designation: Associate Director, Engineering Courses
Association with ARI: Since 2005

Educational Qualification:
B.E. (Marine Engineering) from DMET Mumbai/Calcutta (Then MERI KOLKATA, presently known as Indian Maritime University) First Class Engineer (Motor)

Work Experience:
He has 28 Years of sailing experience with 18 years as Chief Engineer. He sailed on General Cargo, Multi-Purpose, Tanker, Bulk, Self-unloader, Car Carrier, Container, Log Carrier, Cattle Carriers. He worked with ‘Flovel’ dealing in manufacture of Big Butterfly Valves, Hydro Power Turbines, CPP etc. He has been with ARI since 2005 and has 17 years of teaching experience He is an approved External Examiner by Govt. of India to conduct ‘Orals’ examinations for MEO-IV and MEO-II. He is also a member of the Institute of Marine Engineers

C/E. Ashok Pant


Association with ARI: 6 Years

Educational Qualification:
B.E (Marine Engineering) from DMET Calcutta (Now MERI KOLKATA) First Class Engineer (Motor)

Work Experience:
Having 14 Years of sailing experience with three years as Chief Engineer and 15 Years of Teaching experience. Apart from regular teaching work, also helped in the following projects:

  • Writing text books for NINI
  • Conducting interviews for Pre-Sea Engineering Cadet Selection
  • Making course syllabi, teaching material and training PowerPoint presentations for EMTI.
  • Providing client training for Engine room simulators
  • Conducting IMO training courses on ‘Training the simulator trainer’ on behalf of ARI
  • Conducting Internal audits for the ARI quality system

Mr. J.S.Khandpur

Designation: Shore – Teaching and quality Management
Association with ARI: More than 24 Years

Educational Qualification:
C.O.P. (Maritime),
I.M.S Lead Auditor (ISO 9K, 14K and 18K)

Work Experience:
Shore: Govt. of India (Cabinet Secretariat): 6.5 years Sailing 1980-1998 (Off & On)
Shore: Teaching and Quality Management: 24 Year+

Mrs. Smita Sinha

Designation: Head of Academic Administrative Coordination Dep Q.M
Association with ARI: More than 21 yrs

Educational Qualification:
M.Sc Physics with Electronics specialization

Work Experience:
Having done M. Sc. Physics with Electronics specialization, she is a trained Physics teacher with an experience of over 12 yrs in teaching. Joined ARI in September 2002. In the initial years, taught “Nautical Physics” to 2nd Mate candidates. Currently teaching Applied Science to cadets pursuing Diploma in Nautical Science leading to B.Sc. (Nautical Science). Besides Physics classes she is also responsible for various student welfare programmes being run at ARI presea campus.

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