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Pre-Sea Training for Deck Cadets

12TH APPEARING / 12TH PASSED CANDIDATES have to get sponsorship from a shipping company before joining as a deck cadet in the DNS (DIPLOMA IN NAUITICAL SCIENCE , LEADING TO B.SC NAUTICAL SCIENCE COURSE). Sponsored candidates are those who get selected by shipping companies before the start of the course and their placement is assured on completion of the one-year pre-sea course at ARI.

These shipping companies conduct their separate entrance tests besides the IMU CET (Common Entrance Test) and have their own standards with regards to eligibility criteria. HOWEVER PASSING THE IMU CET EXAM REMAINS COMPULSORY FOR SPONSORED CANDIDATES. ARI conducts sponsorship tests on behalf of various reputed shipping companies who have been clients for many years. Sponsorship tests are held for two separate deck cadet batches that start in February and August every year. For the February batch the tests are generally held in the months of Sept / Oct while sponsorship tests for the August batch of deck cadets are held in the months of April / May.